You Go Kansasdotcom!


Receiving news via Tweets is a recent discovery for me. I didn’t think news organizations could successfully give out news in 140 characters. To my surprise, their tweets not only inform, but many of them also engage tweeters and call for action. Of the 6 Wichita news organizations I now follow, kansasdotcom clearly does the best job in doing this, plus so much more.

With 16 tweets in the last 24 hours, kansasdotcom definitely knows how to give news in Twitter style. They are aware that keeping news fresh with frequent updates is the number one way to stay in the minds of their followers. Not only that, but keeping followers informed also gains followers’ trust and loyalty, which is definitely what you want as a news organization. Being in the know and making followers aware of this keeps kansasdotcom at the center of the Twitter news scene.

Kansasdotcom’s tweets are also succinct, to the point, and always include a link when relevant. They always read as nicely worded newspaper headlines, so there’s never any confusion. Tweeters really do get the paper, only in tweets. And with links back to the full article online, tweeters get the level of information for which they are interested or have time.

The range of tweets from kansasdotcom also allows for a large variety of followers. With tweets ranging from weather to sports, breaking news, politics and holiday tips, they’ve got everyone covered. So whether you’re a football fanatic or a political junky, you can bet you’ll find the latest on your interests from kansasdotcom’s tweets. The beauty of the Twitter platform is that users can re-tweet information that might not necessarily be interesting to them, but may be interesting  to a fellow Twitter friend. Kansasdotcom’s tweets make it easy to create a buzz and foster interaction and engagement between tweeters about the latest news.

Kansasdotcom also answers questions about relevant news, something that wasn’t as apparent in other local news organizations’ tweets. With elections on their way, they’re keeping followers informed about where to go, how to vote, and even ask their opinion about their voting experience. This brings news reporting to a personal level and creates an environment where reporters and Wichitans become involved in discussions not seen with other news organizations on Twitter.

One of the best things about kansasdotcom’s tweets is their level of engagement with their followers. They not only give out news, but they invite tweeters to create news. One tweet asks people to submit Halloween photos. Another tweet invites users to download football brackets for contests, and yet another asks followers to join in on Twitter Feeds, an upcoming food drive for the Kansas Food Bank. This technique attracts people in huge numbers by making followers feel needed and shows them that kansasdotcom cares about their opinions and involvement.

Realizing how on-top-of-things kansasdotcom appears to be on Twitter makes me want to buy a phone with online capabilities so I can receive their tweets instantly on my phone. By keeping their tweets updated, succinct, informative and highly engaging, kansasdotcom proves to not only know how to make the best use of Twitter, but also how to continuously evolve to produce exactly what readers want, in whatever platform they prefer to get their news.



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